Red Epic Patreon!

Hail and well met traveler!

Are you aching for new large encounter maps to throw at your adventurers? Want ambushes, fallen keeps, sunken cities and dangerous dungeons? Look no further!


The Latest Patreon Creation. ADYR: The Ship of Dreams!

Twelve massive 30 x 24" maps have been released to this day with another coming out every month or so! Join in the discussion, voting process, and the rewards. Each map is perfect for use in the various VTT tabletops available, or go and print them out for table use!

Enlist in The Red Company!

- Foot Soldier - 5 bucks a month gets you a map.

- Sergeant - 7 bucks get s you a vote and a map.

- Ensign - 10 bucks are two votes, and a map.

- Company Captain - 12 Bucks are three votes, a maps and an Idea to propose!


If you would like to continue to support my work, become a Patron! By pledging a few dollars a month, you will receive a new massive community driven encounter map, periodic discounts on my Big Cartel store, and get some insight into my career, working habits, and current matters. The more you pledge the more influence you have on what the next map will be! Join the growing community of the Red Company and pledge today!

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